10 minutes of meditation everyday to bring awareness, focus, and control to your mindset.


One 45 minute Dumbbell based workout each week.

Hustle + Flow

One 60 minute hybrid  bodyweight conditioning and Yoga flow class each week.

Breath + Yoga Posture

One 45 minute Yoga practice each week.

The Mindful Membership

The digital path for personal development
$ 30 Monthly
  • 10 minute meditation daily
  • a 45 minute total body strength workout weekly
  • a 60 minute hybrid bodyweight conditioning and yoga flow workout weekly
  • a 45 minute Yoga Posture Practice weekly
  • Unlimited access to archive meditations and workouts

The Principles of the Practice

when we are mindful we are aware of our thoughts, actions, and our impact on those around us.
We must never take our lives for granted.  Each day of our life is an opportunity for progress, an opportunity for growth, an opportunity to discover what we are capable of. 
How we treat ourselves and how we treat others is how our character is truly revealed.
responsibility for our thoughts, our actions, our wins, our losses, our lives. No one will ever live this life for you.  It will always be on you and you alone to take on the responsibility for your life's direction.


Mindful Performance Coach Jeremy Walton designed this personal growth practice because he believes we become better people when we take the time to take care of our bodies.  We become better people when we take the time to take care of our minds.  We become better people when we take the time to acknowledge ourselves and the relationship we have with the world around us.  Let us work towards a better world by being better people.

Jeremy’s love of fitness started at a young age and continued through high school and in college where he played football for the University of Arizona. Since then, Jeremy has influenced the fitness industry through teaching and training hundreds of professional fitness trainers and reaching thousands of clients through his work as a previous Fitbit ambassador, Director of Training for SHRED415, Equinox fitness manager, VHI Celebrity Fit Club trainer, and currently as a featured Mirror Instructor. Jeremy’s gifts and talents have been recognized across brands and industries. In 2011 he was named Gatorade’s Fitness Influencer of the Year. He has facilitated sessions with Conde’ Nast, Asutra, Wave5, Equinox, The Chicago Blackhawks, The Chicago Bulls, and the Chicago Cubs, and was most recently named as a Global Ambassador for Lululemon.

While famous for his 48” vertical jump, and the biggest Star Wars fan you’ll ever meet, Jeremy is most proud of his accomplishment as a husband to his wife Laura and a father to his sons Miles and Maxwell.