My name is Jeremy Walton and I’m an internationally recognized Mindful Fitness Trainer, specializing in strength training, yoga, and meditation.

Growing up in Denver, CO I played sports like swimming, football, basketball, snowboarding. Focusing on football in high school I found enough success to play in college for the University of Arizona.

In 2001 I began my career in the fitness industry as a personal trainer in Newport Beach, CA. It was at this time I took my first yoga class and experienced the incredible mental and physical benefits of integrating fitness training with yoga and meditation.

Since then, I have been teaching, preaching and promoting the physical, emotional, and psychological benefits of Mindful Fitness Training.

Now 20 years later I still believe that a balanced training program and a consistent Yoga and meditation practice are essential to the longevity of physical and mental health.

“Parents, Professionals, Students, and athletes know the importance of managing time and stress. I believe this style of training gives you the mindset and physical capability to be the best of who you are for the people who need you at your best.”