The Mindful Practice

The Monthly Mindful Practice:

Convenience and consistency towards high quality living.

Every single morning you will awake to an email with your daily meditation and workout options to set the intention for your day and encouragement for your growth and development.

Daily: Meditations

Each day of the week you will receive a link to a new 10 minute audio meditation with a theme for the day. This daily practice improves the duration of your focus, helps regulate your breathing and heart rate during stress, and develops your ability to regulate the pressure from the necessary work of your daily life.

Weekly: 2 New Workouts and A Yoga Practice

Each week you will receive a link to an updated workout program called the WEIGHT WORK, A 10 exercise 3 round circuit utilizing Dumbbells for a total body 30 minute strength workout. Strength training improves bone density, work capacity, and mental fortitude.

The second workout link you will receive each week rotates 4 different 30 minute bodyweight workouts developing your body awareness, balance, and agility.

The final link you will receive each week is a restorative 30 minute yoga practice to help improve body alignment, relieve tight and sore muscles, and connect with the breath and body.

You have the power to personalize this experience each week. You can practice each workout every other day with cardio sessions or long walks in between. You can do each workout twice in one week. The purpose of the practice is daily movement for daily growth and development.

Monthly: Vision & Goals workshop

Every month there’s a digital goal setting workshop to help you align your actions and efforts towards the purpose and values that benefit your longterm lifestyle.

The Monthly Mindful Practice

Daily Meditation, Weekly Workouts, Monthly Workshops

$30.00 / Month

A healthy mind and body takes practice. If you bring purpose to your practice, progress is guaranteed.