Mindful Monthly Membership

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Daily 10 minute audio guided meditation

Monthly 10 minute mobility Video Session

Monthly 30 minute Restorative Yoga Video Session

Monthly 45 minute Weight Work video Session

a 45 minute 10 exercise Dumbbell circuit to improve balance, strength, and endurance. To experience our strength is to acknowledge our worth and ability to take on the challenges of daily life.

Monthly 50 minute Hustle & Flow Session

a 30 minute bodyweight 10 exercise drop set circuit followed by a 20 minute yoga flow. A beautiful harmony of sweat, conditioning, and well-being.

Exclusive access to over 100 digital workouts

$30 per month

Each day of your life must be lived, there are no days off. Take action towards developing habits that allow you to be at your mental and physical best, but also allow you to adapt to the days when you’re not.