Mindful Monthly Membership

A digital approach towards healthy habits and improving daily performance. Everyday you will receive an email with the following:

A 10 minute digitally recorded guided meditation.

(Updated Daily)

A 10 minute mobility video to alleviate muscle and joint stiffness.

(Updated Monthly)

The Body Circuit

A 30 minute bodyweight workout video focused on core, balance, and strength.

(updated monthly)

Weight Work

A 30 minute Dumbbell based strength circuit workout.

(updated monthly)

Restorative Yoga

A 30 minute yoga flow designed to align the body, improve joint stability, and reduce stress.

(Updated Monthly)

The Walton Method Workout

A 50 minute Hybrid workout that incorporates breath work, a 15 minute yoga flow warm up and a total body Dumbbell and bodyweight strength, core, and alignment circuit.

(updated monthly)

Also includes On Demand access to meditation and workout library

All for $30 a month